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  • I was a smoker for 30+ years and tried everything else to quit. I admit, I would have bet my next paycheck that when the first visit was over, the first thing I would do when I got to the car is light up. I handed my cigarettes to Marcelle on the way out and that was it. I can't say I didn't touch one because two nights later I did over a very stressful situation. Just one though. Remember, I've been smoking over 30 years. Next session I told Marcelle and she took care of it by teaching me how to react to the stress with another exercise. I would have never believed it. Third session we did a reinforcement session, a new exercise and here I am free of smoking. Worked great. No cravings, withdrawal, anxiety. I can't thank you enough. I hope you continue to help others like me and I will be passing the word. Thanks again.

    Bruce Benninger

  • As a business owner, pilot, dental lab technician, and artist I am a highly skeptical person. I value logic and proven scientific approaches over alternative healing methods, especially when it pertains to physical healing and recovery. I have experienced major chest surgery as a child, maxillofacial surgery as a youth, nose and sinus surgery as well as an appendectomy. Therefore I'm no stranger to the surgeon's knife or art.

    I began to experience severe lower back pain, most likely caused by improper lifting, and poor posture. I tried a variety of exercises prescribed by my family practice physician. The exercises worked temporarily, but the pain returned a few weeks later and became increasingly more pronounced.

    So, at the risk of appearing foolish, I gave Marcelle Hammer a call. I was still highly skeptical, but figured what did I have to lose? Besides, I was in terrific pain and willing to try anything. My initial appointment was scheduled and promptly attended. Marcelle makes no claims of miraculous recovery. Her intake paperwork fully explains her approach to healing and of the importance of getting proper diagnosis and treatment from your primary care provider FIRST! She carefully asked me a full range of questions regarding my past medical history and had me specifically illustrate where my pain was being felt. Finally, Marcelle took the time to ask what my goals were. The first session involved getting to know what my body needed. What surprised me the most was the gentle nature of this type of work. Marcelle listens with her hands. I have absolutely no idea how she does this. All I know is that it worked for me. She gently moved and listened to nearly every muscle group in my body, while constantly listening for feedback as to what my body was feeling. Through simple movements of specific muscles, Marcelle "asked" my body questions and I responded back to her. The goal is to allow your body's muscles to open up and release. She "listened" acutely to my body by simply following "yes & no" responses from me. But don't let the simplicity fool you. After my initial appointment I still felt some pain. Marcelle informed me that I would most likely experience continued ease a day or two later. Again, I was extremely skeptical. But to my surprise this was exactly my experience. The pain began to ease up rather rapidly on the third day after treatment. The following week I returned for another treatment. Again, I still left her office with some residual pain. Yet again, a few days after my appointment, I noticed the pain releasing even further. After a third appointment, I am back to my normal routine, and have even begun light workouts with free weights!

    If you are experiencing any form of muscle pain, tightness or spasms, and would like long-term relief and healing, I would highly recommend Marcelle Hammer. Personally, I will now keep a more open mind to alternative healing. It has certainly been beneficial for me, and eliminated my back pain completely.

    James Teachey

  • Hello Marcelle, I’ve hesitated for a long time to write this testimonial simply because I wanted to be certain that my success in stopping smoking was a long term reality. I am overjoyed to say that I’ve not smoked since our last meeting in September and am completely free of the addiction. Through your therapy you were able to provide me with excellent skills to help combat my stress and anxiety during difficult situations. I truly appreciate your efforts to help me accomplish something that I’ve tried to do for 15 years. It’s a great feeling.

    Sincerely, Katherine

  • I am writing to thank you for relieving me of my 24 months of chronic lower back pain. If you recall, I had originally injured my back when I slipped on a freshly waxed hardwood floor. I sought treatment from a chiropractor and experienced immediate relief from the discomfort associated with my injury. The constant pain was still there though until recently.

    Upon injuring my back again I was referred to you by an associate of mine who explained the various training as well as the techniques you use. Not knowing what to expect, and seeking immediate relief from pain associated with my injury you treated me immediately. With the completion of the first visit, the sharp pain was gone, but I was still suffering residual pain from the damage to the muscle tissue. My second visit saw a definite improvement in mobility, flexibility and most importantly pain relief. The third and last visit left me with no pain.

    I want to thank you for taking the time to see me, introducing me to an alternative healing method and most importantly setting me free from the pain that I had become accustomed to over the last 2 years. I am now able to get a full nights rest, comfortably travel for long periods of time and not have to grimace at the thought something as simple as tying my shoes………. My back pain is a thing of the past thanks to you Marcelle!

    Matt Hinchliffe

  • "I went into this thinking there would be a 50/50 chance of me stoping smoking and now I am recommending it to all of my friends that smoke. I don't remember a lot about the hypnosis session after it began, if feels like being in that state when you're just about ready to drift off to sleep. It was a relaxin situation, and I felt refreshed when it was finished. When I opened my purse to pay for my session, an overwhelming stench of stale cigarette smoke wafted to my nose, and I actually thought I was going to be sick.

    Thank you, Marcelle. Thank you for assisting me to stop my pack per day smoking habit, and for showing me the tools available within myself to remain smoke-free.

    Candi H.

  • About 10 years ago, I began to have burning and numbness in my feet and legs. After going through several doctors (neurologist and podiatrist), all to no avail, I have finally found comfort. I have been going to Marcelle for about one year. I have received more comfort from her than from all of the above. I am also walking better than I was 10 years ago.

    Laverne Speas

  • In August of 2010, after witnessing a friend's weight loss, I made the decision to contact Marcelle. I didn't have any physical pain.....I just wanted to get healthy and knew what I had been doing for years wasn't working for me. As a 60 year old divorced woman of four almost grown children who constantly begged me to "get healthy", I ran out of excuses and got serious. I was searching for a weight loss program but what I found in Marcelle was a skilled therapist who helped me pull my life together and launched my whole life on a positive and healthy direction.

    Over 20 years, I had tried all the quick fix diet programs and had lost and gained more weight than I dare admit. What I needed now was a program that would change my mind set, establish and promote a new and healthy life style that I would embrace for myself and not for others. Marcelle was able to ignite that change through her therapy techniques including hypnotherapy.

    First, Marcelle helped me identified the areas of my life that needed attention....some I already knew but a few she helped me uncover as a trained professional. We tackled my engrained long term unhealthy habits like always being late, procrastination, bad eating habits and dislike of daily physical exercise. In addition, my personal life was not fulfilling. She gave me the confidence and encouragement to be open to change and never made me feel bad if I slipped up.

    She also helped me with my business plan which was really non existent. Slowly, we set goals and made measurable progress and by January 2011, I knew I was on a healthy path that addressed my major areas both personally and professionally. I am very grateful to Marcelle and know she is responsible for the positive direction my life has taken. She is a caring therapist and friend and I recommend her highly.

    Susan King

  • As a golf professional and Sports Psychologist, I am acutely aware of the need for healthy joints, muscles, and a tension-free body. At the time I met Marcelle, I was suffering from injuries to my neck and shoulders. Physical therapy, acupuncture, and exercise brought mild relief. However, the pain was still so severe that my sleep was restless at best. Even after just one session, I noticed a tremendous reduction in pain and greater freedom of movement. With continued therapy, all of my pain has been eliminated. Marcelle was able to listen to my body, and apply the appropriate techniques to bring complete relief. I recommend her to all my friends and clients who are looking for relief from pain or the tensions of everyday living.

    Dr. Anthony J Piparo

  • It is not easy for me to admit when I am wrong. I tried to tell my wife that my neck and back problems would go away and I would be fine. Well, after a few agonizing weeks, I finally agreed to see Marcelle. After my first session, I noticed increased mobility in my neck. After the second session, the pain was gone. I mean completely gone! After almost a year, I still have no discomfort in my neck or back. Thank you, Marcelle, from the bottom of my heart.

    Gary Bilbro

  • I had been suffering from chronic neck pain for over a year. I went to several doctors who told me I had a pinched nerve in my neck and a deteriorated cartilage. The doctors suggested cortisone shots and an operation if the shots did not help. I went through two cortisone shots, but the relief was temporary (about two weeks). The pain went down my shoulder and my neck was stiff all the time. I couldn’t work my business (with computers) nor could I dance or play golf. A friend told me you had healing powers in your hands. I am a strong believer in the power of God to heal through people. You were my last hope before neck fusion. After a few visits, I began to feel the healing in my neck and the pain began to go away in my shoulder. I have been going to you for over a year now and I am now able to carry on my life living as I had before. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and tell you how much I appreciate your work and how God has worked miracles through you.

    Dan Williard  



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