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Online Services

If you are outside of the Winston-Salem NC area, online sessions are available. This broadens my capability to help more individuals achieve their goals. You will get the same beneficial and personalized hypnotherapy sessions that you would get at my office located in Winston-Salem. A lot of my work can be done online but not all. Please contact me at 336-768-7000 or at Marcelle@forsythintegrativetherapy.com to see if online services are available for the work you would like to pursue.

The following things are needed to work online:

  • a computer and a phone with a headset or earbuds
  • a high-definition webcam so I can see you clearly (you will see me as well)
  • a broadband internet connection so there is no signal interruption.
  • a soft light in front of you shining on your face so I can see you very clearly
  • a comfortable place to sit facing the computer, close enough that I have a good visual of your entire face.
  • A quite space and time where you will be undisturbed
  • A way to pay for your session via credit card

Please make sure you

  • Use the restroom just prior to the session to be more comfortable
  • Remove all animals from the room for the entire time of the session.
  • Have a quiet space without music or the TV playing in the background. It is important that you are not interrupted under any circumstances, unless in case of emergency.

If the internet connection is down for any reason, I will immediately try to reconnect with you online first then by phone and resume the session.



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